German painter Sabine Tress treats each canvas as its own unique reality, governed by mysterious shapes and complex color combinations. "I like creating and looking at shapes that might represent something but it is not completely clear what it is. The colored surfaces have to be complex and multilayered. Combinations of colors have to be unexpected. In my work I want to surprise myself I guess. Break rules. Take risks. Fight boredom," Tress explains.

Color is a pivotal element of design in the work of Sabine Tress. Whether expressed as loose, gestural markings from her work of the late 1990s, or as the primary identifier of space in her more recent work, Sabine Tress's use of color is playful, unusual, and increasingly sophisticated.

"Bright colors, abstract surface elements, shifts in perspective between large and small ad absurdum, plus the artistic creation of a lack of space and a restriction of the moving figures are stylistic devices the artist uses deliberately," writes Helga Isak, Swiss art historian, on occasion of Sabine Tress's Spring 2007 exhibition at Galerie Proarta in Zurich, Switzerland.

Sabine Tress was featured in the Bill Lowe Gallery's April 2007 group exhibition in Santa Monica, in addition to exhibiting at Bill Lowe Gallery's Atlanta location. Since the early 1990s Sabine Tress has exhibited widely throughout Europe, including Paris, London, Zurich, and Berlin. She studied painting for five years at Ecole nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris, and has participated in numerous Art Fairs throughout Europe.

1968 Ulm, Germany

1993-95 Four Sand-paintings: Beaux-Arts de Paris, Museum für Naturkunde, Münster, Germany
- Musée des Arts africains et océaniques de Paris
1989-94 Painting at the Ecole nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris,
Under the supervision of: Jan Voss, Vincent Bioulès und Pierre Matthey
- Diplôme supérieur des Arts Plastiques
- Assistant to Joe Ben jr.

2007 Galerie Proarta, Zürich, Switzerland
2006 KunstWerk Köln, Cologne, Germany
2005 Galerie Proarta, Zürich, Switzerland
2004 Galerie Mesaoo Wrede, Hamburg, Germany
- Galerie Proarta, Zürich, Switzerland
- Espace Frederique Martiningo, Chambéry, France
- Galerie Axel Holm, Ulm, Germany
2002 Galerie Proarta, Zürich, Switzerland
2001 Galerie Proarta, Zürich, Switzerland
1999 The Well Hung Gallery, London, UK
1996 marold&euro engineering, Ulm, Germany
1995 Galerie Jussen&Heraeus, Göttingen, Germany
1994 Spiegel Buch, Ulm, Germany
- Kaufmännische Berufschule, Lachen, Switzerland
1991 Galérie Exit Design, Paris, France

2007 Lowe Gallery, Santa Monica, CA
-Galerie Kaysser, Rechtsrheinisch, Germany
-BBK Köln, Germany
2005 Galerie Mesaoo Wrede, Kunstmeile, Hamburg, Germany
- KunstWerk Köln, Jahresausstellung, Köln, Germany
2004 Galerie Mesaoo Wrede, Hamburg, Germany
1999 Salon de la Jeune Peinture, Paris, France
1998 Galerie im Riegelhaus, Switzerland
- Henley Exhibition Centre, UK
- The Well Hung Gallery, London, UK
1996 arnaca Works, London, UK
- Kunstverein Ulm, Germany
1994 Salon Montrouge, Paris, France
- Salon de la Jeune Peinture, Paris, France
1991 Atelier Matthey, Galérie des Beaux-Arts, Paris, France

2005 Two Screenprints for calender project in collaboration with Lothar Seruset
2001 Design for “Spatzeninvasion”, Ulm, Germany
1996 Wallpainting for Romulus Corporation, London
1994 Design for the new Opel Tigra for General Motors, France
- Design of Christmas card for Spiegel Buch, Ulm, Germany
1993 Illustration of Derek Walcott´s work(nobel prize for literatur 1992) in a special edition by Coron Verlag, Switzerland

2007 Art Karlsruhe
-Art Tease, Cologne
2006 Art Karlsruhe
2005 Art Karlsruhe
- Art Zürich
2004 Art Zürich
2003 Art Zürich
2002 Art Zürich
- Art Chicago

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