Romanian-American artist Daniel Motz presents Reliquaries for the Machine Age, a re-envisioning of discarded mechanical components into intricate assemblages that serve as an archaeological record of where we’ve been, and who we were. These objects became the detritus of the Machine Age - building blocks in the bridge to new technologies and the digital revolution. Motz’s broad background in film-making informs his unique visual poetry, which takes form as tableaux of time - built of components that were designed and mass-manufactured to produce minute bits of work for very specific functions. His works become shrines to a by-gone era of machines and industry; they allow cogs, springs, wires, metallic and plastic minutia to transcend their former intended lives, while creating a platform in which they flourish as elements of art. Each piece makes a mark and creates a moment – in a way it could never communicate in its former use. {Read More}

French-African painter Frank Schroeder presents Françafrique: Impulse, Desire & Decorum. In his North American debut exhibition, Schroeder’s work explodes with vibrancy of color and breadth of expression, coupled with a modernistic use of line and an evocative Neo-Expressionist style layered with a patterned use of numbers and text. The works tell intricately woven stories of biblical themes and personal experience blended with psychological and emotional confessions. They address his fascination with the rhythms of life and the notion of redemption. In these paintings, Schroeder struggles with the dichotomy of decadence and decorum. The tension in these pieces reveals his yearning for indulgence, but also for absolution. An unforgiving intellect probes the realm of the heart and soul. {Read More}



The philosophical architecture of Bill Lowe Gallery is built upon a reverence for the alchemical nature of artistic expression. Our vision honors the profoundly spiritual nature of visual language and the role it can play in affecting paradigm shifts at both a personal and societal level.

It is with this recognition that we have assembled a world-class stable of artists who intuitively have their fingers on the pulse of the Universe. Their expression is not an ironic or satirical look at the human condition. Instead, the gallery’s program presents powerful, content-driven works that utilize technical mastery and a visual eloquence to transform the human heart and soul at intimate levels.

For our collectors, the gallery is an oasis of beauty. Of civility. Of contemplation. This is coupled with a dynamism informed by a world view rooted in metaphysics, spirituality, philosophy, psychology and biology. Bill Lowe Gallery is a transformative experience that forever enlightens those who experience it. The gallery facilitates interaction between a broad cross-section of our community with an exotic array of artistic voices and languages to amplify and expand an unfolding cultural conversation.

Bill Lowe Gallery has become an institution in our region. We are widely considered the pre-eminent contemporary art gallery in the Southern United States. Our long presence in Los Angeles has fueled a kinetic dialogue between the East and West coasts. We approach the next decade of our mandate with clarity, commitment and excitement.

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