"A lifetime of art education and experience goes into each Paul Ecke canvas, lending a certain wisdom to the acquisition of his art."

Each Paul Ecke work takes the same amount of time to create…a Lifetime. Inspired by extensive travel and experience and infused with the artist's intense passion for his work, each Ecke canvas is a visual fusion of color, light, form and texture that evokes an equally passionate response.

Ecke's renegade use of formal technique lends a distinctive force to each work of art he creates. The Ecke palette is one of dynamic boldness, eloquently expressed …. in precious metal paints, acrylic, oil, chalk, pencil, and natural elements. He applies these media to canvas using bush, hand and towel techniques, producing, unusually heavy textures that lend to the vibrancy and emotion of this art. This technique bridges the gap between painting on canvas and three-dimensional sculpture through the immense dimensionality that his application infuses into each canvas.

Regardless of the subject, Ecke's work continues to evoke deeply soulful responses from viewers who often find themselves mesmerized in front of Ecke's canvases. People are drawn into the expressive brushstrokes, colors and textures that become his signature.

The current exhibition at the William Merrill Gallery, titled 'Between the Lines' has received a passionate response from viewers who are drawn to the works powerful color palette and strong geometric references. The spectator experiences the phenomenon of transmutation, changing inert matter from one form into another, the final result …a work of art.

The creative art is not performed entirely by the artist alone; the spectator brings the work into the context of the external world by deciphering and interpreting its inner qualification, and thus adds his contribution to the creative act.

The energy and excitement of Ecke's work has won the approval of museums, galleries, as well as corporate and private collections throughout the world. Among these are the Daytona Museum of Arts and Sciences, Universal Studios, Taco Bell Corp., Jimmy Z, L.A. Fitness, Flo Jet Corp., and Dionne Warwick. Additional references available upon request.


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