Through it all, I was never alone……the angels were there all along.


Q. Please summarize/explain your professional dance career.
A. After one year of ballet lessons, I spent two years in the Louisville Ballet 1970-72. Two years at the University of Louisville. Eight year hiatus. 16 years with Ruth Mitchell Dance Company 1980-96. Atlanta Opera’s Samson and Delilah with Lee Harper and Dancers in 1999. Most recently performed with the Atlanta Opera’s Turandot with Lee Harper and Dancers 9/29-10/3 2007.

Q. What inspired you to make the transition to photography?
A. Another way of moonlighting to supplement dance income.

Q. How has your own career in dance influenced your photographs?
A. I am a full time dance photographer. 95% of my subjects are dancers.

Q. How long have you been producing photographs?
A. 32 years. My first paid job was in 1975 of a friend’s daughter. With the $300 earned, bought a small enlarger.

Q. Have you had any formal photographic training?
A. None. My dad had cameras in the ’50, so a camera was never foreign to me. I also had a friend who had a dark room and let me play in it back in the early ‘70s.

Q. Why do you prefer black and white photography?
A. Because it’s surreal. It feels timeless. So dramatic, pure and revealing.

Q. Have you ever photographed in color?
A. Absolutely…..all the time.

Q. How do you feel your work has progressed throughout your career?
A. Quite well when you consider the highlights: From beginning as company photographer for Ruth Mitchell, have also been the following: Company photographer for the Atlanta Ballet and the Atlanta Opera. Covered the Rhythmic Gymnasts at the 1996 Olympics. Was a backup photographer for the USA Gymnastics. Have photographed thousands of Atlanta dancers for nearly 30 years. Is one of the Bill Lowe Gallery’s stable of artists and coming up, is the second year distinction of being the official portrait photographer for the recipient of the Make Wish Foundation’s annual gala.

Q. Which artists/photographers/dancers do you admire?
A. Ansel Adams, Herb Ritts/For photographs, I admire anyone with the amazing body and facility to do what I am capable of asking them to do. On Stage, I admire the ones who draw you in……the ones who dance with their hearts and souls…….regardless of their level and notoriety. November 2007



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