My interest in fabricating constructions lies in the challenge of expressing ephemeral experiences we as individuals are exposed to during our lives, those experiences which contribute to the human condition. To communicate phenomena of this nature, I fused the traditional media of painting and sculpture. Through the utilization of different materials in each piece - i.e. (bronze, copper, steel, wax, and wood.) a cohesive visual language develops.

This phenomena of material transformation is a focus of interest for me on the molecular level. It's fascinating for me to conceptualize the possibility of a material changing from it's raw state to a physical concept that I had mentally visualized. Materials start to form a visual meaning and identity in reference to each other. The experiential dictates the various arrangements and formation assumed by the material. i.e. the relationship of a welded steel figure (s) on an armature which is fused into a wax (encaustic) painting framed in steel angle iron.

Drawings act as blue prints for the eventual concept depicted in the constructions. This is an important step in the fabrication process for me because of the potential to experiment with various materials. - i.e. (gouache, graphite, photographs, and water.)

As the human body is exposed to experience, it absorbs and processes the information, storing it as memory. This is what I am interested in communicating visually - the unspoken word that describes the human condition.

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