David Labbett is an emerging, young artist with a funky, yet introspective style. He began his studies in Human Geography, but began concentrating on art while at Concord University in Montreal and did a summer program in France and Italy. At the University of Denver he focused on photography, sculpture, and video production.

Labbett’s work is both two and three dimensional. There is a constant flow of rings and upward mobility in all of his creations. His crude action figures are a simplified mixture of a G.I. Joe with circus performers. The different entities that go into each work create an incredible amount of intensity and kinetic energy. His figures are like ballerinas performing a representational battle through dance. His work is very much about humanity, struggle, success, and interconnectedness of the world.

“As the body is exposed to experience, it absorbs and processes the information, storing its memory. This is what I am interested in communicating visually-the unspoken word that describes the human condition.” David Labbett began exhibiting at the Lowe Gallery in 1996.

University of Denver, Denver, Colorado.
MFA degree emphasis in Photography, Sculpture, and Video Production.
Concord University, Montreal, PQ, Canada.
International Summer Art Program in Boolean, Italy and Nimbus, France.
BFA degree emphasis in Studio Art.
BA degree emphasis in Human Geography.

1999 The Lowe Gallery, Atlanta, GA.
1997 The Lowe Gallery, Atlanta, GA.
1996 The Lowe Gallery, Atlanta, GA.
1995 University of Denver, Denver, CO.
1993 Concord University, Montreal, PQ, Canada.


1995 Armada Center For The Arts & Humanities, Armada, CO.
1995 University of Denver, Denver, CO.
1994 University of Denver, Denver, CO.
1993 Concordia University, Montreal, PQ, Canada.

Sharyn Crockett Peet, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Behmer, Boulder, CO.
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Haber, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Mr. & Mrs. Derek Labbett, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Mr. Rod Lenafelter, Denver, CO.
Mr. Jack Taylor, Des Moines, Iowa.
Mr. Dean Tollefson, Colorado Springs, CO.
Mr. & Mrs. M. Weakland, Denver, CO.
Wolf Advertising Ltd., Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Davis, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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