Writing this statement is difficult because writing and painting are two independent and often uncomplimentary mediums.

I am a painter.

In my paintings I explore the depths and subtleties of human experience by creating images that reflect the undercurrents of archetypal emotions, ideas and internal struggles, and their effects on us and our environments.

I am particularly interested in portraying the dualities present in all human experience. There are no absolutes in life. Rather, each experience is comprised of conflicting opposites. Each individual additionally has her/his own unique experiences. Therefore my paintings are ambiguous and not necessarily resolvable, offering an opportunity for reflection and interpretation by each viewer. The paintings merely reflect a subjective understanding of the human condition, and my desires to explore that further. I attempt not to impose my own interpretations, but rather share with the viewer what it is that I am currently exploring.

I find human figures to be best suited for the task of portraying and narrating my compositions. The viewer may best relate to the simple human form, and this can ease efforts to understand the depth and complexity of the situation painted, and attempts to interact with it. My hope is that the viewer’s own subjective interaction with the canvas will bear some meaning in itself.


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