19 November - 31 December 2010

Hemming writes, I am interested in the fundamental communication inherent in mark making. The immediacy of a quick stroke can expose an individual, locating them in a precise time, place and frame of mind. In my work I strive to capture motion, intention and motive. I have developed a reductive method of working that allows me to draw with paint, making fluid lines in sweeping strokes, at any width or speed. This body of work is an exploration of painting as an obsessive, ritualistic, instinctive practice which embodies all the contingency, uncertainty and instability of the real. It promotes painting as documentation of the intangible, evidence of ones humanity.

19 November - 31 December 2010

Southern painter Tom Swanston celebrates the splendor of nature by mixing organic imagery with opulent color. His latest series uses silver, gold, and copper leaf to form the outlines of birds and vegetation, placed upon a hazy, soft pastel background. Throughout his career, Swanston has shown a fascination with the natural world and mankind's innermost connections to it. "The subject matter of Swanston's paintings is soft, in one sense, energetic and decisive in another, literal yet symbolically evocative, non-objective yet referencing landscape traditions, with exactly the hazy precision of a dream," writes Jerry Cullum, senior editor of Art Papers.

20 JUNE - 19 JULY 2007

New York based artist Yohei Watanabe is a self-taught painter who draws his inspiration from the beauty, delicacy and limitless potential found within the natural world. Each canvas is an intimate exploration of the fragility of the life cycle and the fleeting nature of our experiences...


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