Bill Lowe Gallery presents Separated Land: Agartha, the latest of a series of exhibitions shown in both Atlanta and Lisbon by Fernando Gaspar. In this third iteration of the Separated Land series, Agartha, the legendary civilization said to exist at the Earth’s core, becomes the analogy for the austere manner in which we contain our innermost anxieties, strife and turbulence. In these paintings, Gaspar’s journey has grown introspective, revealing light through sudden veils, protected and revealed by rigorous lines, like boundaries.

“With a mysterious force, concentration of the invisible in speed that shakes and throws us, in the still body it happens, the motive is born, the will. Seminal tremor, coming downwards, penetrating the inside of the nut, through the fontanelle piercing thinly into the most internal gland. Surprising what from these rivers runs, what from this inside seas is released by the new moon. It is new. Time for warm breezes. ” - Fernando Gaspar

In Fernando Gaspar’s work, the written word is often the starting point. That is where it begins. They are then essentially developed from exploring the stroke, the drawing - more than the color. His quest for the essential is an insistent, physical movement. In his large-scale canvases, he paints over charcoal, a secondary matter, layer by layer, overlapping, sometimes opaque, and sometimes transparent. The endless quest for the minimal - and for all - is an impulse, a line. His enigmatic work drifts and returns - it does not repeat or mince. Gaspar’s works are not always objects of easy empathy; nor should they be. They are never smooth planes, nor dermal exercises. Often there is thickness that the paint and stroke silence. He writes about them, to better construct, understand and open them.

In this latest body of work, renowned Atlanta-based artist, Maggie Hasbrouck has returned to themes that have captivated her audience for decades. The yearning for flight. The mysterious, sensual beauty of flowers at the apex of their decadency. The ephemeral place between dream and memory where ours souls transcend the ordinary.

“Each composition evokes a dreamscape, a precise emotive moment occurring in the imagination.” Notes Peter Frank, curator at the Riverside Art Museum in Los Angeles: "As every one of us has been a child - and every one of us has been shaped crucially by our childhood - the presence of children invariably inspires strong sensations, irresistible associations."




“For art to be great it must seem a spontaneous product of nature, born not willed; and for this to happen genius is necessary, an original power freed from the restraint of inherited rules.”
                                                                                                                          (Immanuel Kant)

The philosophical architecture of Bill Lowe Gallery is built upon a reverence for the alchemical nature of artistic expression. Our vision honors the profoundly spiritual nature of visual language and the role it can play in affecting paradigm shifts at both a personal and societal level.

It is with this recognition that we have assembled a world-class stable of artists who intuitively have their fingers on the pulse of the Universe. Their expression is not an ironic or satirical look at the human condition. Instead, the gallery’s program presents powerful, content-driven works that utilize technical mastery and a visual eloquence to transform the human heart and soul at intimate levels.

For our collectors, the gallery is an oasis of beauty. Of civility. Of contemplation. This is coupled with a dynamism informed by a world view rooted in metaphysics, spirituality, philosophy, psychology and biology. Bill Lowe Gallery is a transformative experience that forever enlightens those who experience it. The gallery facilitates interaction between a broad cross-section of our community with an exotic array of artistic voices and languages to amplify and expand an unfolding cultural conversation.

Bill Lowe Gallery has become an institution in our region. We are widely considered the pre-eminent contemporary art gallery in the Southern United States. Our long presence in Los Angeles has fueled a kinetic dialogue between the East and West coasts. We approach the next decade of our mandate with clarity, commitment and excitement.

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