The Bill Lowe Gallery is a retail art gallery. The date requested for rental is considered upon receipt of a deposit. The Bill Lowe Gallery is only responsible for the rental of its kitchen and public spaces, and is not an event planner.


Maximum Capacity 900
Seated Dinner 120 persons maximum in the Grand Salon 80 persons maximum in small salons.

NOTE: Per property management, if more than 150 people are present, there must be one security guard on duty for every additional 150 people present for the entirety of the event, i.e. 200 guests require 1 security guard, 200 guests require 2 security guards, etc. The extra security personnel will be at the renter's expense and the security guards may be provided by the landlord for a fee of $25 per security guard per hour.

Rental Fees

*All weekday or weekend evening rentals:
Pricing varies - please inquire via phone or email.
(rate is quoted according to the size and nature of the event)
(50% due with application + security/cleaning deposit)
Remaining balance due at least 14 days before rental date. If space is rented within 30 days of proposed event date, then entire rental fee + security/cleaning deposit is due with application.

Damage/Cleaning deposit for standard reception up to 500 attendees, $500.00; over 500 attendees, $1000.00.

*Holiday rentals are available at an increased rate.

The security deposit is completely refundable within 7 days following the event if no damages have occurred, nothing has been taken, or no cleaning beyond customary is required. If any of the above exceeds the amount of the deposit, renter will pay the additional amount.


Events of any nature (commercial or private) are required to secure a $2,000,000 liability insurance policy covering the event

Application Procedure

Upon completion of the agreement, a 50% initial rental fee deposit must be submitted with the application plus the damage/cleaning deposit of $500 or $1000. (Upon approval of the agreement, the initial rental deposit is non-refundable) The balance of the rental fee and all other fees will be due 14 days before the date of the rental. Failure to submit payment at that time will void the rental agreement. All checks are to be made payable to Bill Lowe.

The renter should distinguish between party ending time and house closing time. Party ending time means the time the clean-up begins, the band stops playing and the bar(s) closes. House closing time is the time when all persons are out of the building. House closing time is 1:00 a.m. In the event the renter should need or want to extend these hours, prior approval is required, an additional fee of $500.00 dollars per hour will be applied.

Set-Up Time

Request for rehearsal time must be indicated on the application at the time of applying. One hour of time is allotted and is dependent upon the availability of the facility. It is the renter's responsibility to contact The Lowe Gallery in person or by telephone to work out an acceptable time. There is an additional charge for this one hour of time. Any additional time will create an additional charge of $500.00 per hour. Rehearsal times can be most easily accommodated on Sundays, Mondays, or before 10:30 a.m. and after 5:30 p.m. Tuesday - Saturday.


Bill Lowe Gallery has parking on the premises. Valet service is required by the property management company for parking ease for any event with over 30 guests in attendance. Fees for this service will be quoted based on the number of attendees anticipated and the per car fee the renter wishes to charge attendees. If actual number of attendees exceeds anticipated amount, the extra valet charges will be deducted from the damage deposit. This charge must be paid 14 days prior to the event date, in addition to the total rental fee.

Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol may be served at Bill Lowe Gallery. Bill Lowe Gallery reserves the right to close all bars should the gallery staff deem it necessary to protect the facility and safety of individuals. Bartenders will be professional and will obey the laws pertaining to the serving of alcoholic beverages.

Available Equipment

Bill Lowe Gallery is to be used for holding and heating of off site prepared foods.
The following is available for use during rental times only.

One door refrigerator unit with freezer including ice-maker
GE Dishwasher
Double warmer drawers
One table - 8 feet
5 Disc C.D. Player and MP3 connections

Event Planner / Caterer Responsibilities

- The event planner/caterers working at The Bill Lowe Gallery must have copies of their business licenses, certificates of insurance, and proof of workman's compensation on file with the Bill Lowe Gallery.

- On the days that the Bill Lowe Gallery is open, event planner/caterers may not begin setting up until 5:00 p.m. Exceptions will be considered.

- A representative for the event planner/caterer must be on site through out the entire event. Beginning at time of delivery of supplies, until end of clean up.

- Event planner/caterers are responsible for unloading, setting up, and reloading all their goods. In the event the event planner/caterer not show at the time of arrival of supplies, a $500.00 surcharge will be assessed.

- All rented items are to be neatly placed on the designated area by the event planner/caterer after the event.

- All rented items or delivered goods (alcohol, flowers, video equipment, etc., etc.) must be signed for by the renter or event planner/caterer. No Exceptions.

- Caterers are responsible for maintaining cleanliness in the kitchen and all public spaces of the gallery, including restrooms during the event.

- Caterers must collect all glasses, dishes, trash, etc. during the event to avoid unsightly pileup. Rental items such as dishes, glasses, silverware, etc. are to be rinsed by the caterer and neatly placed in the original boxes provided. Non-returnable items such as paper items should be discarded in trash cans.

- Caterers are responsible for all cleaning of the kitchen and all public spaces in the gallery including the restrooms after the event. This includes the sinks, counter tops, trash, and ovens, kitchen floor, and especially the sweeping of the main gallery floors, this includes mopping, if necessary.

- All garbage bags are to be sealed before the caterer takes them to the dumpster. There will be absolutely no dumping onto the grounds.

- There is to be absolutely no food or bulk items emptied into the sinks as they clog easily.

- All empty bottles are to be disposed of in the boxes they came in and carried to the dumpster. Bottles are not to be thrown in the garbage cans. Ice buckets with wraps and corks should be filtered into the trash.

- Caterers are to provide all necessary tools such as trash bags, can openers, foil, pots, towels, dish detergent, knives, and other supplies necessary to carry out their duties. The Lowe Gallery cannot provide any of the above items.

House Rules

- The rental agreement is between the Bill Lowe Gallery and the renter, the renter is solely responsible for any and all monies owed.

- The Bill Lowe Gallery will not remove any significant element(s) of any exhibition to accommodate any event. The Lowe Gallery reserves the right to refuse to move any work(s) of art, or to conceal it by any means what so ever.

- At no time will artwork or furniture be moved without prior permission. All installations or shows are to remain intact.

- There can be absolutely nothing hung, nailed, or taped to the walls at the Bill Lowe Gallery without the permission of gallery personnel.

- All publicity concerning the Bill Lowe Gallery must be approved through the Bill Lowe Gallery.
The renter or a representative for the renter, i.e.. the event planner/caterer must be on site throughout the entire event.

- A representative from the gallery will remain on the premises throughout the event.
The Bill Lowe Gallery cannot assume responsibility for items left by the caterer, guests, or renter. Caterers or renter are responsible for removing all articles brought in during the rental event.

- Permission to have dancing will depend upon the exhibition and must be approved prior to the event.

- Loud music is not permitted at the Bill Lowe Gallery. Instruments using electrical amplifiers must keep amplitude down. Management and staff may instruct band to lower volume or shut down if not able to comply. All bands must sign waiver to this effect here by acknowledging that they understand and are willing to comply to this house rules.

- Smoking is not allowed inside the gallery.

- In the event of any damages occurring to any artwork or to the physical condition of any and all public space within the Bill Lowe Gallery itself, the renter will be held solely responsible and will be billed accordingly. This includes, but is not limited to scratches, nicks, breaks, or marks of any kind.

- Beer kegs are not permitted.

- No rice allowed, only birdseed or flower petals thrown outside.

Preferred Caterers

A Legendary Event
Soiree Catering and Events

for more information, contact Haley Clarkson at or 404.352.8114

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