NOVEMBER 11 2011

"Sacred Portal"

      MARCH 30 2011

"The Irascible Muse: A Coming of Age"

      NOVEMBER 11 2011

"The Eloquence of Trees"

      SEPTEMBER 9 2011

"Disaster Areas" and "Aspiration & Artifice: The Constructed Visage"

      JULY 8 2011

"Plate Tectonics: The Erotic Earth"

      MAY 13 2011

"Of Earth and Air"

      APRIL 8 2011

"Commence: A Philosophical Detente"

      JANUARY 21 2011

"Madness and Reason: An Interpretation of Don Quixote" and "Post-Mammalian Tension"

      OCTOBER 22 2010

"Pulse: Signs of Life" - 21st Anniversary Celebration

      JULY 16 2010
maggie hasbrouck, yohei watanabe, richard currier, courtney reid, ingrid dee magidson, john schuyler

"The Restoration"

      january 16 2009

"Primal Poetry"

      november 7 2008
dusty griffith, jimmy o'neal, dominik sokolowski       september 12 2008

"Her Dutch Shoes Treated Her Well" and "Flows Forward"

      MARCH 28 2008

Love, Loss and Longing: A Group Show featuring Margarita Checa and Katharina Chapuis

      November 14 2007
rhett turner, thrush holmes, geoff mitchell, maggie hasbrouck,
imc and National Geographic's photo camp exhibition

An Ear to the Ground: A Look at Global Shifts in Perception: Group Show featuring Rhett Turner, Thrush Holmes, Geoff Mitchell and Maggie Hasbrouck.  Also featuring IMC and National Geographic's Photo Camp Exhibition

      September 14 2007

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