My photography leads me to travel to places far from home. Places like Ethiopia, Rwanda, Yemen, Libya and North Korea. What I try to capture is a sense of people and place to give the viewer a window to something they might not be familiar with. I enjoy taking pictures of the young and old showing the many dimensions of life in society.


Published in USA Today (September 2007)

A beaming Ted Turner studied the bright, penetrating portraits of Middle Easterners on display at an art gallery with special pride: They were photographed by his son Rhett.

Rhett Turner traveled to Libya in 2004-05 and to Yemen earlier this year to shoot the ancient landscapes and friendly people for "An Ear to the Ground." The exhibit at Atlanta's Lowe Gallery opened Friday night and will run through Oct. 20.

"The more we know about cultures we don't understand, the more we know they're a lot like us," Rhett Turner, 41, said, adding he hoped peace would eventually prevail in the region.

Ted Turner briefly addressed the crowd to say that he was proud of his son -- a rare moment, Rhett Turner said. "It's very, very special for him to come," the Atlanta-based documentary filmmaker and photographer said.

The exhibit includes 28 large prints ranging from blinding rocky desert landscapes to pensive up-close portraits of a girl wearing a red hijab and three mountain men in ragged suits.



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