My objective as an artist is to study, in visual terms, the systematic attempt to recall past experiences by cross-indexing mental pictures to approximate the past event, person or thing. Similar to the dimensioning facets attributed to Cubism, I present my subjects from several angles and/or timeframes simultaneously to recreate the visual dynamics experienced during the process of retrieving stored observations. I prefer to give my paintings a sense of realism by incorporating the look of photographic manipulation, wherein the imitation of multiple exposures, image fusion, soft focus, fragmentation and frame-cropping are used to energize the images. I call my individual style of art 'rotorealism'.

The technique of acrylic under-painting applied with crude brushes and finger smudging, coupled with oil overlays of deeply saturated colors underscores the nostalgic images associated with my childhood memories from the 1950s and 1960s, a period in America I view as inherently hopeful. My paintings allow me to explore retrospective impressions with anecdotal effect.

Michael Beauchemin 2001


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