I gave up painting twenty years ago; I firmly believed that someone would love my photographs. One night the painting came back with the intention to stay forever, furious like a jealous lover, and now it forces me to tell my dreams and much more, to tell what it is hidden in my mind.

Many of the subjects of my works represent places I dream -- recurrent, precise and clear dreams. They are almost seen from the above, as in a flight. They seem to be uninhabited, but if you watch carefully, you can find human signs: a fence, a tiny house, a fire, smoke signals, telephone poles, shadows left by someone passing by. Things we are not able to see also populate my images but these things are around us and we do not see them; they are transfigured into signs, in the sky, luminous marks, entangled weave of lines, beings in movement, moving things, beating hearts. Things are often transparent, one through the other, different dimensional realities. They are sweetly shadowed; they are often strongly engraved, dug by a strong passion. Clouds go by, like in the lifetime, they create changes into things, in the light, which brighten them, made of light, of darkness, but they go by or dissolve into the air. Very often you can see flying things, they are light, carried away by the wind like feathers or the beautiful Fall leaves, like our thoughts, and the things we have never done, the dreamed, abandoned and lost things.

Luckily sometimes, a leaf falls nearby. The lost things come back, and maybe they are even more beautiful. I am not interested in spreading rather difficult conceptual messages. It is enough for me to have someone watch a painting of mine, and to have them imagine something, anything he or she sees and feels, is fine for me. I would like to represent the feelings, for instance, those sensations we feel when we hug somebody, but I am not able to do it….  2007

After earning a degree in Painting at the Fine Arts Academy in Carrara, Massimo Angei began to paint and his work was included in art exhibitions in Italy and abroad. He also is an experienced photographer, and for over 20 years his photographs have been published in the most outstanding magazines worldwide. In each photograph Angei would shoot the image hoping to catch the dream inside the objects. He was content with his successful photography career until one night, after 20 years, the need to paint returned to him, suddenly and vigorously, and this pressing need has continued.

Massimo Angei's painting offers itself as a journey into the sweet, tempting zones of memory. The work does not reproduce the outside form of objects but rather evokes their inner substance. Angei has chosen to limit his color palette, with earth tones appearing predominantly. His desire to give form to the intangible is seen in fresh, clear, precious, almost impalpable signs and instinctive, vigorous scratches. The strokes on the surface of the painting elicit suffused and indistinct landscapes; however, sometimes these landscapes are outlined with firm and resolute strokes. The feeling, memory, and emotions within the painting emerge along with a refined, subtle sensuality.

Massimo Angei's imagination is based in the subjective, romantic, dreamscapes and transience, all part of an elusive reality. Thanks to the eye of the heart, our feelings guide us into a fantastic space where perception becomes emotion. This space cannot be rationally defined through formal principles; it is fluctuating and populated by sudden visions. The hues are simultaneously delicate and complex, due to numerous layers of color. The deep transparencies, the minute and fresh drawing is not an outcome of contrasts but rather of passages, the blurrings and color variations, all of which contribute to a resemblance of the infinity, and give back fragments of sensations which pass over the physical order of things to gain the absolute, the essence of mystery.



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