When I was just a young girl, I would draw, doodle, and regale anyone who might listen with stories of how I intended to grow up and become an artist. After attending art school but not being happy with the rigidity of the teaching, I spent time visiting Italy, and traveling to places in the U.S. that have long held visual fascination for me. I then settled for several years in New York City, and quickly recognized that life in the concrete jungle was not for me. As wonderful a city as it is, I was hard pressed to walk down the sidewalk and feel inspired to paint.

I was fortunate enough to have the great opportunity to move to Cape Cod full time, and devote myself as an artist in a locale where at every turn there's another magnificent piece of nature. The morning sun hitting hard on the dunes; the light that turns to gold in the afternoon; the unusual colors that the water changes into - are things that now surround me every day.

I don't try to capture what I see directly from my surroundings- I feel I would never be able to do any justice in oils to what nature is capable of. Instead, I try to give a simplistic view of what I see around me. The scenes I try to capture are pared down to a few essential colors of the outdoor space, and the smooth lines or strange patterns that I find swirling in the natural environment.

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