The Valdosta Scene
April 2006


Artist Statement

There is a continuation, a link to the past... man's timeless quest to record his presence, to leave his mark, and to reveal his struggles.

From the prehistoric cave markings of primitive man, through ancient Egyptian, Cycladic, and Classical sculptures, and into the present, the essence of man remains constant. His obsession with documenting his existence continues. My work attempts to fuse the ancient with the present in pursuit of an existential statement. It continues in the figurative tradition... truth revealed through abstraction, honesty revealed through distortion and exaggeration.

Harry Ally

Artist Statement

Painting is the primal impulse to mark. It's a visual record of the mind, the body, and the human spirit. For me there is an urgency to both create and destroy. Maybe it's out of sheer frustration that I work. Maybe it's just to satisfy a need to violate or to contradict. I'm not sure. There is a strong feeling though…a strong sense of chaos, beauty, and order. For whatever reason, I feel compelled to act on this impulse.


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