Southern painter Gail Foster depicts an uplifting, impassioned view of the human condition – one in which, regardless of gender, the inner power and energy of the spirit are celebrated. “I want the fire, the passion, and the light of the soul to come out through the energy of the movement…I can’t paint a dark figure. No matter what happens around the figure, there’s still that light from within. Art needs to tap into that level of inner knowing, that inner light,” Foster explains.

“Foster’s paintings form gateways for our own entrance into those levels of insight that, in the final analysis, are accessible within ourselves as we cease to be our own inattentive ‘selves’…when we become more or other than we ordinarily believe ourselves to be,” writes Jerry Cullum, art critic and regular contributor to Art Papers.

Gail Foster has been featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions with the Bill Lowe Gallery, in addition to her impressive exhibition history throughout the southern United States. She has been featured in dozens of artistic and design publications, most notably Art Papers, Southern Voice, Southern Accents, and Atlanta Homes and Lifestyle. Her work is included in several prominent public and private collections, including the Columbus Museum of Art, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Emory University.

1980 MFA, Parson’s School of Design, New York, NY and Blairstown, NJ

1978 BFA, Maryland Institute College of Art, Summa Cum Laude Baltimore, MD
Art Institute of Boston Boston, MA

2006 Lyon and Lyon, New Orleans, LA
2005 Lowe Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

2003 Horizon Gallery, “Body Current” Santa Fe, NM

2002 Horizon Gallery, “Old Passions” Santa Fe, NM

2001 Fay Gold Gallery Atlanta, GA

2000 Fay Gold Gallery, “Works on Paper” Atlanta, GA

1999 Columbus Museum of Art, Funded by the Hardaway Endowment Columbus, GA
-- Fay Gold Gallery, “Appassionata” Atlanta, GA
-- Todd Crockett Gallery Little Rock, AK
-- Barkin Leeds Ltd., One Buckhead Plaza Atlanta, GA

1998 Neiman Marcus, “Illumination: The Fall Harvest” Atlanta, GA

1997 The Lowe Gallery Atlanta, GA
-- The Gomez Gallery Baltimore, MD

1996 The Lowe Gallery Atlanta, GA
-- Todd Crockett Gallery Little Rock, AK

1995 The Lowe Gallery, “Genesis” Atlanta, GA

1993 Fay Gold Gallery Atlanta, GA

2006 Body Sacred Exhibition, Knoxville, TN
-- 707 Gallery, New York, NY
-- Studio Swan, "A Select Group", Atlanta, GA
-- Studio Swan, "Gail Foster and Thomas Swanston: New Works", Atlanta, GA

2005 Lowe Gallery, Atlanta, GA, 16th Anniversary
-- 707 Gallery, "White", Sante Fe, NM
-- Soho Myriad, "A Common Thread", Atlanta, GA

2004 Lowe Gallery, Atlanta, GA

2003 Lyon & Lyon Fine Art New Orleans, LA
-- Studio Eleven Lexington, VA
-- Swan Coach House Gallery Atlanta, GA
-- Columbus Museum of Art, “A Celebration of Creativity: Three Centuries of American Masterworks on Paper” Columbus, GA

2002 Horizon Gallery Santa Fe, NM
-- Fay Gold Gallery, “Works on Paper” Atlanta, GA

2001 Huntsville Museum of Art Huntsville, AL

2000 Gallery Nordstrand Oslo, Norway
-- Swan Coach House Gallery Atlanta, GA
-- Joseph House Gallery Columbus, GA
-- Harper College, 23rd National Exhibition; Small Work” Palatine, IL
-- University of Mobile, “Art with a Southern Drawl” Mobile, AL
-- Columbia College, “Paper in Particular” Columbia, MO

1999 Fay Gold Gallery, “XX/MM; 20th Anniversary Exhibition” Atlanta, GA
-- Fay Gold Gallery, “Group Show” Atlanta, GA
-- City Gallery East, “FIRE” Atlanta, GA

1998 The Frances King Shaw Gallery, King Plow Arts Center Atlanta, GA
-- Holter Museum of Art, “ANA 27” Helena, MT
-- Alexandria Museum of Art, “16th Annual” Alexandria, LA
-- Charles Janssen Gallery, Art Institute of Atlanta Atlanta, GA
-- Haggin Museum, “Stockton National Exhibition” Stockton, CA
-- The Peasant Building Atlanta, GA
-- Columbia College, “Paper in Particular” Columbia, MO
-- The Bank, “Castleberry Hill Loft Show” Atlanta, GA

1997 The Lowe Gallery, Three-Person Exhibition, Atlanta, GA

1996 City Gallery East, “IVAC” Atlanta, GA
-- The Lowe Gallery, “An American Renaissance” Atlanta, GA
-- Todd Crockett Gallery, “Two person Exhibit” Little Rock, AK
-- Mobile Museum of Art Mobile, AL
-- The Lowe Gallery, “Works on Paper” Atlanta, GA

1995 Gibbes Museum, “Yankee Seeds in Southern Soil” Charleston, SC
-- City Gallery East, “Revival of the Figure” Atlanta, GA
-- Stanback Museum Columbia, SC
-- State of the Art Gallery Ithaca, NY

Alembik, Fine and Callner, Atlanta, GA
Alston and Bird Atlanta, GA Atlanta
Chamber of Commerce, Atlanta, GA
Cingular Wireless, Atlanta, GA
Columbus Museum of Art, Columbus, GA
Disney; Beach and Yacht Club, Orlando, FL
Embassy Suites Chicago, IL
Emory University; Rollins School of Public Health Atlanta, GA
Ethan Allen International, Danbury, CT
Euro Disney, Paris, France
Federal Reserve Bank; Richmond, VA
Grady Hospital; AIDS Wing, Atlanta, GA
Grove Park Inn, Asheville, NC
Haggin Museum, Stockton, CA
Hyatt Regency, Nationwide Inn at University Village, Chicago, IL
InterContinental, International, Toronto Canada
King and Spaulding, Atlanta, GA
King Plow Arts Center, Atlanta, GA
Long, Aldridge & Norman, Atlanta, GA
Saks New York , NY
Saks, New Orleans, LA
Scentura Creations, Atlanta, GA
Strategic Resource Co., Columbia, SC
Total Systems Services, Inc., Columbus, GA
Westin; Rio Mar, Puerto Rico

Artist in Residence, Hambidge Center For the Arts, Asheville, NC

“Images of Peter’s Story”, Skyland Trail Atlanta, GA

Purchase Award - Haggin Museum Stockton, CA
Fellowship - Virginia Center for Creative Arts Sweet Briar, VA

“Finding the Divine Without & Within,” Egyptology Conference Atlanta, GA
Fellowship - Virginia Center for Creative Arts Sweet Briar, VA

“Art of the Figure,” Women Business Owners of Atlanta, Atlanta, GA

“American Renaissance In Film,” Copeland Hirthler Design, Atlanta, GA
“Atlanta Artist, Gail Foster,” WQXI Lifestyles Interview Atlanta, GA

“Classical Casts From the MET, Kennesaw College, Atlanta, GA

“Learning to Forget,” Atlanta Psych. Clinic Atlanta, GA

Helena Rubenstein Fellowship New York, NY

1978 The Ford Foundation Grant Baltimore, MD

1971 Rhode Island School for the Gifted Providence, RI

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