Having a background in dance and psychology as well as visual arts, I am compelled to view these paintings as organic, moving pictures that spring from the scientific idea of chaos. The work comprises itself of a series of random interactions and gestures, with no preconceived idea of what should exist on the canvas beforehand. Like trying to understand the subtle movements that create ripples in a lake, shifting sand or fierce thunderstorms, I am interested in how applied movement and gesture influences the creation of my work; how exploration of new and culturally distinct movement will impact the emotionality and gestures of my painting; or perhaps, to simply discover the implied movement inherent in the work on an unconscious level the movement as filtered through my life experiences.

My work in wax begins with a gesture, which is then preserved under a layer of wax. Working in the moment, layers of wax are built up with time and subtracted with heat, fusing wax to paper or canvas. In the fusing process, portions become transparent and new lines may appear as the wax moves with the influence of heat. Or, the wax may obscure the drawing with its opacity. Graphite powder in rubbed into some pieces, which continues the obstruction of the original drawing. Throughout the process the painting is a dance a reaction or non-reaction to the line and movement organically created by the materials. The simple interaction of gravity and gesture, reaction and non-reaction creates the image. I am intrigued by how kinetic the work can appear in one moment and quiet the next - as if the physical energy has been quieted in the process of being created.

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