Native Americans carried spiritually-charged articles next to their skin. Their medicine bundle, so named, charms revealed in a vision - bone, teeth, feather, whatever - wrapped in a pouch. The charms, or spirits, were real to the wearer, tonics for the psyche, and mediating response to the provocations of life.

As a conceptual artist, I utilize a medicine bundle, a personal reliquary where metaphorically-charged materials are secured.

They convey impulses viscerally as well as visually. Neither cerebral nor linguistic, but quiet, first beckoning the tactile, then repelling it. The work is thematic to understanding self, and the codes of larger selves externalized in groups, genders, races, and religions.

The works conceal, contain, and provoke.

Hair is central. Hair is public and pubic, on display and disguised. Hair is opposites. In one place, attractive; in another, repulsive. Hair is DNA, life, the statement for me at this moment.


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